Chick-Fil-A Values

The NY Post had a great article on Chic-Fil-A this week entitled Chic-Fil-A values. The owners of Chick-Fil-A in Birmingham, Alabama decided to lend a helping hand and a few hundred Free sandwiches and biscuits, as well as open their doors as a warm place to stay to stranded motorists during last week's ice storm.

Their stance has always been that their values are basically based on Biblical values. Pretty simple and straightforward if you ask me. It doesn't seem like such a bad thing...Helping your fellow human being, treating others with care and kindness, putting it above making a dollar...

We could all use a reminder of basic kindness and concern for our fellow man in a society that focuses so much on selfishness and the 'me, me, me' mentality.

Hearing stories like this are a breathe of fresh air in an otherwise suffocating world. These are the stories you have to seek out because the majority of mainstream media won't carry them.

It's a shame, because we need to be reminded of one of the reasons we are all here for in the first help one another.