Why I Love Tabloid Magazines

Shame, shame on the fashion magazine industry.
A big thing in the news lately has been how drastically women (and men's) bodies are altered for magazines and advertisements.

As a teen, growing up comparing myself to the model's and celebrities' perfect bodies on their covers, I thought I'd never measure up.
I was an avid athlete and pretty thin and tall, but then not knowing that much about how they altered photos, couldn't quite figure out how they got their bodies to look soooo perfect.

The so-called American ideal of beauty is based on trickery and make belief.
This is why I love tabloids. Not the tabloids that spew a bunch of lies but the ones that show lots of photos. Lots of real, untampered photos of what the people who grace the covers of magazines really look like.

On the other hand, I guess if one of our photos was going to be in front of millions of eyes we wouldn't mind them making a little cellulite disappear either. Even high schoolers can have their yearbook photos touched up if they want to. Unfortunately, the entertainment and fashion industry does take it a step too far.

So moms, do your daughters (and your sons) a favor...when they're old enough to start admiring or comparing themselves to the photos in magazines or ads, educate them on the magic of photoshop, airbrush, or whatever else they use now to alter pictures of real people.

...And while you're at it grab a tabloid mag and show them what real celebrities and models actually look like : )