What Do You Do When a Gunman Enters Where You Work or Shop

Today's unfortunate events at a Baltimore mall bring an important issue to mind...Our safety in public places. Do you know what to do if a gunman enters a place where you are shopping, a movie theater, or your office?

I wish this was something we didn't have to ever think about, but with the realities in today's society it's something we need to have a plan for.

So how do we increase our chances of survival in a situation like this?

According to Matt Maasdam, a former Navy Seal and CEO of Move2Safety, your chances of survival are greatly increased if you do the following:

Exit the Area if you can- As soon as you hear or see something going down do not hesitate. Get out of the premises and away from the danger as fast as you can. If you are only near a window and no doors, break the glass and get out of there.

Move Toward Exits as low as you possibly can- Crouch down and run out. Standing up will only make you more of an easy target.

Do not hide- If you can get out, get out. Hiding when you can escape just makes you an easy target. If you have no exit and are trapped in an area and can lock a door, do so. Turn off lights, silence phone ringers if you can.

If you are trapped- If you are trapped somewhere and can't get out/or are hiding, be ready to confront the gunman if you are found. Get anything you can find (a heavy object, pencils, staplers, boxes) that you can throw in the gunman's face if confronted. Those few seconds of distraction can give you enough time to run for it and save your life.

Hopefully no one reading this will ever be in this situation, but now you can feel a little better having a plan.