Look Who Showed Up for Work...

This is a story about a school in Queens, NY.
A school where kids go to watch TV and movies all day instead of learning reading, writing, and math. A school where kids don't have gym or art at all.
A school where the no substitutes are hired and kids are divided up between other classes and room for learning is so scarce that kindergardeners are herded into rat infested trailers outside for classrooms.
There are no sufficient school supplies, teachers end up spending their own out-of-pocket money if they choose to do so.
A school where the principal has a No Show record that everyone knows about and not until recently, after The New York Post did a story which Finally started a City investigation, she finally (today) showed up on time for her job.

What a travesty, right? How can this be?- You may be asking yourself these questions, but yet this is the story of many schools around our country. Institutions that we trust to educate our children and prepare them for their future. Government run institutions responsible for preparing, and educating the future of our country.

Schools like this are basically a subpar, free form of babysitting. It's ironic to me that the same government and current administration that wants so much control over our lives and children, can't even handle caring for them properly.

It's no wonder many in America are now Homeschooling, or scraping together funds to place their kids in private schools.

By the way, the picture in the upper left hand corner is the principal who finally showed up for work on time today. We should have a hall of shame for these people.