8 Ways People With Small Kids are Just Like Drugged-Out Rockstars

The other day as I looked at myself in the mirror at about 3 in the afternoon I made a stunning realization. With my crazy hair, dark circles under eyes, and spent look I felt just like a Rock star...a drugged-out rock star to be exact.

Here are a few ways we parents with small kids and drugged-out rockstars are so similar:

1) We sport the same hair. Yes, we all have at one time or another had this very same hair style. Some of us have this All the time.

2) We dress the same. Yes, sometimes all you have time for is a scarf.

3) We hear our name screamed out a thousand times a day. Just like we're on stage at a rock concert.          Except you're not at a concert.

4) We don't know what day of the week it is...or even what time of day it is.

5) We look like we haven't slept in months, maybe years.

6) We spend a lot of time covered in puke.  

7) We wear lots of makeup and dark sunglasses to cover up the red eyes, dark circles, and bags.

8) As soon as the money comes in, it's going out. 

Yeah, cause, you know, we always have plenty cash.

See, we have so much in common!